About Me

I was born and brought up in Goa, India. I have been passionate about art since childhood and my parents supported me immensely. They encouraged me to participate in many art competition and I won many awards. Being raised in a middle-class family in India, education got a lot more importance over other fields e.g. art, sports etc. which resulted in my art taking a back seat when I got to year 10 and since then, for a few years I was engaged in gaining qualifications required to get me a job. However, I nurtured my passion through my education. The education streams I chose were art related which assisted to flourish and grow my creativity. I studied Bachelor of Commercial art/Advertising in Goa. Best part of studying Commercial art in 90’s was that we had to draw designs and create everything by hand. We did not have the luxury of computers in our College. Those five years of my first degree helped me brush up my art skills further. Post my bachelor’s degree, I decided to study further and joined Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane to study Master of Communication Design in 2001. The Commercial design/Multimedia related study, sparked my curiosity towards web technology which led me to pursue Master of Information Technology at Griffith University. I completed my studies in 2004 and found a job here in Brisbane. I loved my life in Brisbane so much that I decided to call Australia my home and became an Australian Citizen in 2007.


Due to demanding work life, I could not create much art since I moved to Australia. After working in the advertising and design industry for over 12 years, I finally decided to quit my full-time job mid-2017 so I could give more attention to my art and photography. Now I run my own freelance design, art and photography business. I look forward to living my passion all over again.


My Qualifications

Bachelor of Advertising (Goa College of Art - Goa, India)

Masters of Communication Design (QUT - Brisbane, Australia)

Diploma of IT (Surina Russo Institute of Technology - Brisbane, Australia)

Masters of IT (Griffith University - Brisbane, Australia)


My work experience

I have worked in design industry for over 12 years. 


My interests

In love with art! I love to do paintings. I am also passionate about landscape and travel photography.  


Blast from the past